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What is the “Growing with Your Business” methodology?

It is a business support programme for MSMEs that aims to improve their business management skills, upgrading their capacities to expand their market and integrate more effectively in local value chains. Support is provided through personalized technical assistance and grants to upgrade equipment and commercial image.

What is the objective of “Growing with Your Business”?

Increasing capacities among MSMEs to expand their market and create long-term, stable commercial links with regional and international value chains, generating profitability and growth, with a focus on improving resilience and adopting sustainable business practices.

How is it implemented?​


Collecting information on the beneficiary area & selection of beneficiary MSMEs.


Capacity building
Strengthening entrepreneurial skills through trainings & technical assistance.


Knowing Supply and Demand
Diagnosis of the beneficiary MSMEs and market opportunities.


Business strengthening
Implementing the business model & improvement plans.


Building the business model
Defining the vision of the enterprise & designing improvement plans.


Promoting business relationships
Formalizing agreements between beneficiary MSMEs and potential clients.

What are the benefits?

  • Production & sales levels that generate sustainable income and improved livelihoods.

  • Improved management systems and productivity

  • Compliance with national and international quality assurance standards

  • Establishing key partnership and solidifying business connections.

Results in Albania until August 2023

Consultants being trained​

Hours of training to businesses​

Businesses benefiting​

Hours of technical assistance​

Trajnime të ofruara ​

People benefiting in total​

Beneficiaries trained​

What are the benefits for micro and small enterprises?

Improved technical, managerial and administration capabilities

Higher stability and competitiveness stemming from the updated commercial image and equipment

Empowered beneficiaries to continue improving after the intervention

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One year after the earthquake

UNDP piloted ‘In Motion’ in Albania right after the earthquake of Nov. 26, 2020. The programme aims to revive local economies and help micro-enterprises recover from the consequences of the earthquake and the Covid-19 pandemic.

Photos from beneficiaries

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