Florida hairstyle_w

Owner: Anila Kreku

Time in Business: 20 years

Line of Business: Hairstylist

Description of the business

Established 20 years ago, Florida Hairstyle has a good reputation, but there has been no investment in the last years. The damage caused by the earthquake put them in a more precarious position compared to their competitors. Their situation is a bit different, but both are the main provider in their families. The owner is living with her husband and Anila, the representative of the saloon, is married and has two little children.

Through the In Motion Plans, their commercial image was designed and some of their key equipment were renewed.

In Motion plans

  • Adoption of promotions of package services which will encourage the existing clients to buy more services.
  • Reaching out activities and meetings with the big hotels nearby which will increase awareness and in turn sales.
  • Defining and writing simple procedures or regulations which would increase the trust of the clients and serve also as a marketing tool.
  • Improvement of the waiting area.
  • Keep records of sales and establish a culture of sales analysis monthly.
  • Keep records of inventory.


Defined inventory

Increase of profits

Online presence

Commercial image

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