Forever young_w

Owner: Miriam Veruari

Time in Business: 13 years

Line of Business: Barber Shop

Description of the business

Miriam has already done some renovation works after the earthquake. His shop is located near the hotels that were demolished after the earthquake. He is well equipped with signs but has lost some working tools. Also, the main furniture (seats, sink) are old and donated by some relatives to substitute the previous ones.

Through the In Motion Plans, they have designed their commercial image and renewed some of their key equipment, damaged due to the November 26th, earthquake.

In Motion plans

  • Introducing times of presence for the assistant/nephew to help the organization of the work and improve skills.
  • Having a clear commercial image that communicates one unique name.
  • Having a dedicated online profile for the shop.
  • Having shelves clearly dedicated to products and not mixed with tools or other stuff.
  • Doing simple analysis of sales and purchases.


Defined inventory

Increase of profits

Commercial image

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