Martini_mish i fresket gici_w

Owner: Martin Marku

Time in Business: 10 years

Line of Business: Meat Shop

Description of the business

The couple that administers the meat shop is in this business since 10 years. The shop was seriously damaged from the earthquake and the whole building has been classified as highly damaged. They rented another shop nearby but in a quieter street and they lost a lot of customers because of that. Most of their customers are regular customers. The business has some possibilities to change and improve by introducing some additional products related to the pork meet.

Through the In Motion Plans, they have designed their commercial image and renewed some of their key equipment, damaged due to the November 26th, earthquake.

In Motion plans

  • Activities definition and roles division.
  • Developing the leadership of women.
  • Establishing collaboration with restaurants and institutions’ canteens to expand the market.
  • Introducing new products and promotions to increase customer interest and sales (weekly promotion on skewers and half cooked products).
  • Definition of rules and procedures for handling the products to increase the quality and the trust of customers.
  • Using additional tools to increase food safety and security.
  • Keeping records of sales to have the opportunity to compare different periods and taking decisions on investing and planning.


Defined inventory

Increase of profits

Commercial image

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