Riparime te ndryshme elektronike_w

Owner: Rodion Rrapi

Time in Business: 6 years

Line of Business: Electronic Service Store

Description of the business

Rodion is running an electronic repair shop since a few years in Durres. He is living with his parents, that help him to run the business. His shop is located in one of the building that were damaged the most. He lost some products and his most important equipment (Reballing Machine and the Microscope).

Through the In Motion Plans, they have designed their commercial image and renewed some of their key equipment, damaged due to the November 26th, earthquake.

In Motion plans

  • Defining and writing clearly tasks and procedures.
  • Having a clear and distinctive business image.
  • Creating a simple protocol for receiving and giving back products for repairing.
  • Following the 5S philosophy, cleaning the shop and making order for the various parts, products and tools.
  • Analysing products/services that are most required, allows further specialisation.
  • Being present online, where most of the users of business potential product/service are.
  • Having a clear view on the inventory to manage exact information about business worth and flow of stock (products and spare parts).


Defined inventory

Increase of profits

Commercial image

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