Owner: Engjëllushe Cenkollari

Time in Business: 13 years

Line of Business: Tailor – Sewing Shop

Description of the business

Engjellushe has been working as a tailor for several years. She had a shop in the same building where she lived, where she was working alone but the earthquake destroyed her shop and her apartment. The whole building is classified as unusable. She lost some equipment and merchandise. She has rented a smaller shop where she continues her business activity.

Through the In Motion Plans, they have designed their commercial image and renewed some of their key equipment, damaged due to the November 26th, earthquake.

In Motion plans

  • Creating a procedure for the high season family help to improve peak management.
  • Creation and management of the online presence by her sons.
  • Expanding the offer to the big hotels to increase the demand and consolidate some products (bed sheets and tablecloths production).
  • Creating promotional packages composed by the products that are sold less.
  • Creating an online profile to promote and communicate with clients.
  • Rearranging the shop in order to create two separated areas, one for production and one for selling.
  • Having a clear idea of the stock.
  • Making a simple budget for sales and purchases based on historical data.


Defined inventory

Increase of profits

Online presence

Commercial image

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