Star elektrik_c

Owner: Bardhok Hyseni

Time in Business: 4 months

Line of Business: Electric Product Shop

Description of the business

Bardhi is the sole income provider for his family. He has been working as an electrician abroad and decided to return and start his own business. His shop was equipped with electrical materials and lights. On November 26th, the shop was seriously damaged from the earthquake and the whole building has been classified as highly damaged Bardhi was advised to look for another shop, as all his merchandise was stored at his house. On February 26th he found a new place to rent, not far from the previous one and within one week he started his activity.

Through the In Motion Plans, their commercial image was designed and some of their key equipment were renewed.

In Motion plans

  • Creating simple selling procedures to be applied in all channels which will increase productivity and improve the business image.
  • Defining roles and/or procedures that are more frequent.
  • Using clear communication about the offers/promotions in all channels.
  • Using the online channels for selling (especially until opening the new store) with the aim of reminding the presence of the business and keeping it going.
  • Analysing sales based on time, days and products sold will improve decision making on sales, purchases and promotion actions.
  • Communicating and displaying the service of electrical works will attract more clients and increase sales from both, products and service.


Defined inventory

Increase of profits

Online presence

Commercial image

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