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Owner: Suela Driza

Time in Business: 12 years

Line of Business: Bar Restaurant

Description of the business

Suela has a diner where she serves breakfast and lunch. Her shop is in the ground floor of a damaged building which is unlivable for the moment. Suela is very diligent and has already started to clean the space from ruins and dirt. She is looking forward to restart her business but for the moment she has to wait for the building to reconstruct. Suela lives in Xhafzotaj and her shop is in the beach area. This is the only income for her family of four.

Through the In Motion Plans, they have designed their commercial image and renewed some of their key equipment, damaged due to the November 26th, earthquake.

In Motion plans

  • Having the roles and task of all the family members who contribute to the business.
  • Having a limited menu to improve the quality of business activities, products and service, management of stock and create a personal profile of business.
  • Creating a commercial image to give the opportunity to the business to be more competitive and present in the market.
  • Communicating periodically with the regular customers about their demand.
  • Having plans for ad-hoc offers (or even giveaways) will reduce costs and improve the image of the business in the community.
  • Having records of stock flow and sales to increase the storing quality and standards.
  • Having clear data on what is sold more easily or preferred by customers to increase efficiency of work and sales.


Defined inventory

Increase of profits

Commercial image

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