Valid certificate

The certificate holder has successfully completed the 6-months training course on the Supplier Development Methodology (SDM), organized and managed by UNDP, in the frame of the Economic Recovery and Resilience Programme.

The training was delivered by an international team of experts with +20 years of experience in the Supplier Development Methodology. SDM’s Training Programme is designed based on three learning components:

  1. In-class training which consists of four in-person training sessions, lasting for a total of 90 hours, focusing on the theoretical part of the methodology as well as several case studies.
  2. Virtual training which amounts to a total of 180 hours and is supported by a digital learning platform in which all the deliverables and quizzes are handled. Additionally, the consultants have access to bi-weekly online follow-up sessions with their tutors, as well as digital forums and online chats to solve their queries.
  3. Practical component which consists in implementing the methodology in a company selected by the consultants.

For more information regarding UNDP’s Supplier Development Methodology please visit the page of the Supplier Development Programme.

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