What is the Supplier's Development Methodology (SDM)?

It is a methodology of productive chains with a business and social approach, which aims to improve and transform business relationships in a value chain between a lead company (a large or medium-sized enterprise) and its suppliers (micro, small or medium enterprises).

What is the objective of SDM?

Aligning goals and strategic requirements among enterprises in the value chain, promoting business professionalization as well as better management, operation and communication practices.

What are the key elements of SDM?

Improves business relationships between the lead company and its suppliers.

Builds mutually beneficial relationships in the value chain with a “win-win” approach.


Improves companies’ competitiveness and increases the quality of their products/services.


Boosts competitive capacities of strategic sectors by strengthening value chains and promoting quality employment.

Who are the main stakeholders?

Lead companies

Supplier companies

Chambers of commerce

Government and academic institutions

International cooperation partners

Results in Albania until March 2023


Business consultants trained and certified


Hrs. of training provided to beneficiary businesses


Businesses benefiting


Hrs. of technical assistence provided


Training sessions provided to beneficiary businesses


People benefiting


Beneficiaries trained

How is it implemented?

What are the benefits for the Lead Company?

  • Establish a solid communication link with its suppliers
  • Reduce costs in the supply chain
  • Avoid obstructions in production lines
  • Reduce risks of poor quality in products/services

What are the benefits for the suppliers?

  • Improve management practices
  • More competitive prices (increased productivity and cost reduction)
  • Improve delivery time cycles
  • Improve customer service

Pictures from SDM trainings

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