What is In Motion?

A program that fosters micro and small enterprises through:

  • Personalized technical assistance to improve business owners’ managerial skills;

  • Easily accessible grants for updating business equipment;

  • Commercial image modernization.

What is the objective of In Motion?

Enhancing micro & small enterprises’ competitiveness through personalized assistance as well as grants for updating equipment and commercial image.

How is it implemented?

Census to gather socio-economic information from businesses in order to identify potential beneficiaries.

Diagnosis of the actual situation of the business and the entrepreneur.

Personalized technical assistance to implement high impact interventions through accredited consultants.

Improved businesses’ competitiveness by updating their commercial image and equipment.

Selection Criteria

  • Micro and small enterprises
  • Having up to 9 employees
  • Officially operating before November 26, 2019
  • Are located in one of the 11 municipalities affected by the Nov. 26, 2019 earthquake (Tiranë, Durrës, Krujë, Shijak, Lezhë, Kurbin, Mirditë, Vorë, Kamzë, Kavajë, Rrogozhinë)

Businesses owned by women are especially encouraged to apply!

Results in Albania until December 2023

Business consultants trained and certified​

Hrs. of training provided to beneficiary businesses​

Businesses benefiting​

Hrs. of technical assistence provided​

Training sessions provided to beneficiary businesses​

People benefiting ​

Beneficiaries trained​

What are the benefits for micro and small enterprises?

Improved technical, managerial and administration capabilities

Higher stability and competitiveness stemming from the updated commercial image and equipment

Empowered beneficiaries to continue improving after the intervention

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One year after the earthquake

UNDP piloted ‘In Motion’ in Albania right after the earthquake of Nov. 26, 2020. The programme aims to revive local economies and help micro-enterprises recover from the consequences of the earthquake and the Covid-19 pandemic.

Photos from beneficiaries

View before and after pictures of storefront transformations from
In Motion beneficiaries in Kavaja.

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